Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows

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I've had so much fun coming up with this list! I'm a huge TV addict, and always have been. I love watching my favourite TV shows over and over again, but it was hard narrowing it down to ten. I somehow managed it, with a few honourable mentions at the end to round it out! The list is no order. 

1. Battlestar Galactica

I love this show so much! I first discovered it after I heard about Partials by Dan Wells over on The Book Smugglers. In their feature On The Smugglers' Radar, they discuss books they are interested in. I thought Partials sounded amazing and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. They compared the concept to Battlestar Galactica, which I had never seen. I immediately looked it up and was hooked! I watched the three-hour miniseries and the rest of the entire series over the course of around a month, while studying for exams. This series is perfect for anybody who enjoys their sci-fi done well. The characters are amazing and get more interesting each season. If you don't love Starbuck immediately upon watching, then come talk to me! 

2. Grey's Anatomy

I've loved Grey's Anatomy ever since it first premiered. I was probably a bit young to be watching it, but I loved it nevertheless. I've stayed faithful through ten seasons and I still love it. For me, it's never gone through a bad patch and has never let me down. The last few season finales would certainly keep anyone interested! The characters are what have always driven this show, and though the cast has changed dramatically over the course of ten seasons, each and every one of them are still incredibly interested. My favourite relationship would have to be April and Jackson. I've been rooting for them for quite some time and was so happy with the latest season! I used to be so worried that the show would get boring after Meredith and Derek got together, because of course they can't do the will-they-won't-they forever, but I'm still sticking around and enjoying the show more than ever! 

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Who doesn't love Buffy? I was a bit late getting into this one, since I was only four when it first started airing, but I still love it. I got really into it around the college years when I was still, admittedly, too young to be watching it. Basically I completely missed the Angel years and never understood his appeal. I'm Team Spike all the way! I've seen most of the episodes but not every single one. I'd love to actually watch the whole series in order, but can never find the time! I'd much rather simply re-watch my favourites! I love the musical episode, the one where Willow goes all witch crazy,and the series finale.

4. Gilmore Girls

The pop culture references in this alone had me watching. Throw in an awesome mother-daughter relationship, a bookworm for a lead character and some of my all time favourite romances and I was hooked! Though I loved Logan, I will forever and always be team Jesse! 

5. The Walking Dead

I was originally terrified to watch this show. I have a fascination with zombies but nothing in the entire world scares me more. The first zombie movie I watched was 28 Days Later and I couldn't sleep for a week after that one. I even had to sleep with my door closed for around two years after seeing it so that zombies couldn't get in during the night. I know, crazy right? But I couldn't help it! But I'm still weirdly obsessed with the idea of zombies and can't resist a good zombie book, though movies don't really hold any interest for me. I was terrified watching this one for the first time and read the complete summary of the episode online before watching so there would be no surprises. Now I'm addicted! There are still some times where I have to look up what happened in the episode before I can watch it, especially when they're walking down a dark corridor and you just know something is going to jump out! I love the zombie element as well as the characters. I've loved Daryl since the first time I saw him, just like most viewers! I can't wait for the next season, I kind of hate them for leaving us hanging like that! 

6. Friends 

If this one needs any sort of explanation then we can't be friends anymore! 

7. Game of Thrones

I'm pretty sure everyone on the internet loves Game of Thrones. The setting, the characters and the story just keep you hooked! I love how you have no idea what is going to happen next, unless you've read the books. Even then, you have no idea how it's all going to end. George RR Martin does not give a crap about fan favourites surviving and I love that since most books and TV shows will end with some sort of happy ending. I doubt George RR Martin will be subscribing to that sort of thinking though. I'm dying to see who will end up on the iron throne! Let me know in the comments who you actually think will become King/Queen and who you actually want to win the iron throne! 

8. How I Met Your Mother

I've always loved how fun and consistent How I Met Your Mother. I really enjoy it when a show has running jokes and themes and HIMYM was full of them! I'm probably in the minority when I say that I can't see how else it could have ended! Spoilers ahead beware! The whole show was leading up to Ted choosing Robin. There is literally no other reason Ted would have chosen to begin his story at the point he met Robin. If he and the mother had ended up happily ever after all of that then seriously what was the point in telling the story that way? I don't think the writers should have gotten us so invested in Robin and Barney though. Like come one, they literally got married in on episode and divorced in the next! For me, however, the ending was perfect and pretty much everything I expected!

9. Downton Abbey

THIS SHOW IS THE BEST! If you're not watching it then you should be! I love period dramas so I was so I had high expectations when starting this one. The characters are just fantastic, with Daisy, Sybil and Branson being my absolute favourites. I'm dying to see what will happen in the next season after such a fun Christmas special.

10. Sherlock 

I doubt I have to tell anyone on the internet how great Sherlock is. The mysteries, appearing so easily solved, the characters and the humour all make this s how not to be missed. And with only nine episodes, there really is no excuse not to watch them all! 

Honourable Mentions

Awkward is a show that really surprised me. From the first season trailer it looks pretty bad. There's not much there to recommend it. But trust me, this is such a funny show and you'll be rooting for your favourite guy the whole way through!

Charmed is another show I grew up watching and would love to do a total re-watch of. I prefer the later years with Paige to the ones with Prue. I'm a also a huge fan of Cole. Screw Cupid, Cole was the love of Phoebes life! I'd have to say my favourite episode would have to be the one where all three of the girls turn into Goddess's. I've always loved that one!

Hart of Dixie is one of those shows that keeps drawing me back in. Usually when there's only a few episodes left, I'll get bored and forget to watch it. Then between seasons I'll end up watching the rest of the show, and end up dying to see the next season. This seasons finale has me so riled up for next season. Zoe and Wade 4ever!

The Mindy Project is basically a romantic comedy movie, in a TV format. It's incredible, Mindy Kaling is my idol, and possibly the funniest person alive, enough said!

All I can even think about Revenge right now is, OMG that ending! Finally we're getting somewhere. Go. Watch. Now!

I know some people are falling out of love with Modern Family, and while it's not as funny and groundbreaking as it used to be, it's still pretty great! The little girl who plays Lily is by far the breakout star of the latest seasons and she's reason enough to keep watching. But after that beautiful, heartfelt season finale I still think this show has a lot left in it!

As you can now see, I have an addiction to TV as well as books. What are your favourite TV shows? Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I love Gilmore Girls so much! It's easily one of my favorite shows of all time! Same with Friends! Great list! A lot of these are on my list to watch or I've already watched!

  2. Jenny @ Reading on the Farm15 July 2014 at 20:16

    I am so horrible about tv shows, I get started watching one and then end up getting so behind on episodes I never catch up. What a great list though! I absolutely love Game of Thrones and it's the only one i've been consistent with the last few years!

  3. Game of thrones is (of course) also on my list. If you've watched this show I can't imagine it's not on your favorite list. I also included Sherlock, fantastic show. Charmed is THE show my sister and me watched together when we were younger. I actually want to go back, because I don't think I've ever seen the ending. Akward is okay, I didn't really like the start of the last season. I recently started Hart of Dixie and it's good so far :D


  4. Audrey @ The Book Analyst15 July 2014 at 23:04

    Oooh, we have a lot of similar TV shows on our lists! I guess that means that I'll have to watch some of the other shows that I haven't seen on your list! I love HIMYM, GoT, Buffy & Walking Dead. I loved Grey's but I stopped watching a few seasons ago.

  5. Ooooh yeah, Battlestar Galactica!! What a brilliant brilliant show! I feel like a rewatch is on my future!
    I also LOOOOVE Sherlock and I'm dying waiting for season 4!!
    Friends and Charmed! I sooo loved those shows!! Have all the DVD boxed sets!!

  6. How could I forget to add Battlestar Galactica ?? I love that show soooo much. I miss it all the time. I never saw the original though.

    Top Ten Tuesday

  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Game of Thrones. . . why haven't I taken the time to watch these shows. I hear a lot of good things . I hear good things about Orange is the New Black, too. I'm determined to read the book first though. I totally forgot The Walking Dead! My favorite Tv shows of right now have to be Dexter, Vampire Diaries, The Have or Have Nots, Lizard Lick, Little Women: LA, La Hair, & RHOA. I watch quite a bit of reality.

  8. Half of the show you mentioned here are my favorite too!

  9. I love How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and Sherlock!!! I also really like The Mindy Project and Modern Family :D They're all really awesome. I could never choose favourites!

  10. I agree with you, the book was fantastic! The synopsis was a bit odd, but it managed to get my attention.
    Meda is such an unique protagonist!

    Great review!

  11. I see we have some in common, here! I especially love Game of Thrones, Modern Family, and Sherlock! :) How I Met Your Mother has been on SO MANY lists that I've seen . . . I definitely think I will have to give that show a shot. :)

  12. Yay to TWD, GoT, Downton Abbey , and Modern Family!!

  13. I love this, it's all true! This genre is so full of cliches. You basically stated all the reasons why I don't like it :)

  14. I love Sherlock! And I've watched a good bit of How I Met Your Mother, too- the reruns on during the day. :)