Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every week a new topic is selected in advance and participating bloggers must make a list in regards to the topic!

This one was a hard one to write. I'm sure I could think of plenty of bookish confessions, but blogging was a different story. I came up with a few and had to start looking up similar posts for inspiration to round out the top ten. I managed to do it (yay!) and all of these are completely true of me and my blog!

1. I'm not open about the fact that I have a blog.

I haven't told anyone, apart from my mother, that I have a blog. It's just not something I want to share. Nobody else in my life is interested in books at all and I like having this private space to discuss books with other people who understand how I feel. I think one of the biggest reasons I had such an amazing time at BEA because I was able to be so open about the fact that I have a blog and spend time working on it. I don't think anyone I know would understand the point in owning a blog and spending so much time on it. I also hate the idea that someone I know could be reading my blog and I would have no idea. Just because you tell someone doesn't mean they'll check it out, but they could read a post here and there and I hate the idea of that. The only reason my mother even knows about it is because she can't even turn on a computer, never mind search and find my blog!

2. I'm pretty much addicted to checking my stats.

Everytime I turn on my computer I have to check my stats. The first thing will always be statcounter, but then I could check my twitter followers, my email subscribers and my RSS subscribers. I don't check them as soon as I turn on the computer but they will always be checked. It's terrible being so anxious about my stats. I know it's not something you're meant to focus on but it's so hard! For me, that's how I measure if my blog is growing or not. I don't want my followers/unique views to go down because that's obviously a sign that I'm doing something wrong. If anyone has a way to rid myself of this obsession, please let me know!!

3. I never read over what I've written.

I know that this is a bad practice but it's probably never going to change. I write everything out as a stream of consciousness and never check over it. As I'm writing this, it's the last time I'll see it. Once I get to the end of writing this post I'll simply schedule it, no reading over it. It's just not something I've ever been able to do. Even in school if I had an English essay to write I would write it the night before or even in school that day (I was the  master procrastinator), and I would never, ever read over what I had written and I would still get an A or a B. So the fact that I got away with it is far too ingrained in my system now to change my ways!

4.I'm terrible at reviewing NetGalley and Edelweiss books.

I only have a ratio of 50% on NetGalley and, if it was given, I'd probably have a ration of around 5% on Edelweiss. The big problem here for me isn't reviewing them. If I read one of the books I get through these sites I review it immediately. The problem is more so that I never read the books I've been approved for. A lot of the time with NetGalley I just lose interest in titles I requested. I'm hoping to eventually just suck it up and spend a week reading the rest of the titles I have on there. I've seen people with a similar ratio to mine, but to get to 100% they have to read 70+ books! I can't really complain with the 12 books I have to read now can I? The other problem is Edelweiss. When I first joined I was never, ever granted access to books. Not a single one! Then one day i had requested two books from HarperCollins and I magically had access to all of their titles! I don't know if this was because they made their titles available to everyone or if some intern clicked the wrong button and white listed me (there's no way it was done on purpose!). So this has made keeping up with Edelweiss books pretty much impossible. I have no willpower when it comes to downloading Harper books I'm interested in, but there are simply too many. I have an incredible amount on my kindle app that I will probably never get around to due to the sheer amount of books (physical and ebooks) that I have to read. I'm more interested in getting my NG ratio up, because there's no hope for my EW account!

5. I didn't feel like a part of the blogging community until BEA.

I never felt like a part of the blogging community. When people raved about how amazing this community was, I always felt completely on the outside. One of the biggest reasons for this is just me being uncomfortable with talking online. I don't think who I am can come through at all. I'm the type of person who talks before she thinks, so when you're talking online, typing everything, I start to over-think absolutely everything! However, eve since BEA I've felt differently. I feel like the few bloggers I was lucky enough to meet actually saw who I really was. Now I feel much more comfortable talking to these bloggers online, even if I still tend to over-think! I don't want to mention anyone (I'm bound to end up forgetting someone!) but thank you guys for welcoming me into your community!

6. I suffer from extreme jealousy sometimes.

Not for ARCs. I want to put that out there straight away. I get so jealous of so many bloggers for a few other things though. Like your content. Some bloggers have the most amazing content! It's witty and personal and well written etc. etc. etc. This make me crazy jealous. How can I manage to write like you all?!? Is there some sort of blogging class to go to? No? Oh well. Some bloggers are also so creative. They can come up with new, cleverly named, features all the time. I love reading blogs that practically have a different feature for every day of the week. If only I could come up with cleverly named features *sigh*. Then you also have the comments. Whenever I get one or two really meaningful comments on a post I'm over the moon. Someone read my post and it made them think and work out their own opinions on the topic. Then they even commented those opinions!! I'm amazed when this happens for me on a post. But then I saw another blogger with thirty comments that are just as meaningful and thought out. That's when the jealousy rears it's ugly head unfortunately.

7. I'm really relaxed about posting.

Posting regularly is not something I let myself get stressed over. If I feel like writing that post I've scheduled in Google calendars  then great! If not, I'll simply move it another day and write it another time. There are so many things I get stressed about in life, I'm not going to allow my blog to be one of them. I don't want to dread coming on and writing a post because I'm not in the mood. I want to be eager, the words dying to come out through my fingers and onto the screen. I'm never going to let this blog become a chore, and if that means not having the most regular schedule or maybe only having one post on a certain week, then so be it!

8. Sometimes I feel like I'm not a proper book blogger.

This is mainly due to the fact that I rarely post reviews. A lot of people seem to think, quite vehemently I may add, that to be a book blogger you absolutely have to post reviews. However I this is a book blog, not a book review blog. Nowhere on this blog do I claim otherwise. As long as I am talking about books, I'm a book blogger. Whether that be through discussions, top ten posts or giveaways. I have been told that it's what publishers expect from book bloggers, but newsflash, I don't blog for publishers. I blog for myself an my own enjoyment. I don't do it for free books, I do it so I can talk about what I love. I think if you only post reviews because it's what publisher expect from book blogs then maybe you should think about blogging for yourself. This feeling of not being a proper book blogger because I have trouble reviewing books, is one that I'm constantly trying to overcome, as it is mostly an external force, as I'm more afraid others won't think I'm a proper book blogger.

9. I LOVE hosting giveaways.

As you may have noticed I have quite a few giveaways happening on the blog at the moment. I love being able to host giveaways on the blog. For me this comes from the fact that I love to win giveaways. It's so exciting getting the email asking for your address and then waiting for the book to come. I love that feeling and now love giving that feeling to others. It's so much fun to think that this book you're giving away could be a book that another person is absolutely dying to read and you're giving them that opportunity. Is there any better way to spread love than with books?

10. I spend more time on other peoples blogs than I do my own.

I spend quite a lot of time working on my own blog, so this is really saying something! I spend so much time browsing other peoples blogs and reading some really amazing posts. I have a few favourites that I simply type in the letter or two of their blog name and they automatically come up. These are the blogs that I would seriously read their shopping list it they posted it, they're that good! When I've gone through all of them, I head on over to Bloglovin' to check out all the blogs I follow. I love this way because I don't necessarily read every single post a blog might make, but with Bloglovin' I get to choose what to read based on whether I'm interested in it or not, without having to scroll through your blog. I love reading lists, discussions, personal posts and so much more!

So I hope that wasn't too long of a post, if you made it all the way to the end then thank you! Let me know in the comments below what you think of my top ten and share your own posts if you have them! If you don't then let me know a few of your blogging, or even bookish, confessions!


  1. This is a really great post, and I can totally relate with you for all your points. I literally stalk my stats all the time! I mean, I'm not an overly "popular" blogger or anything, but it's very entertaining to see your stats climb higher. I also love seeing what people have typed in search engines to find my blog; that's always entertaining. :)

  2. I have to confess a bit of ARC envy to everyone that is auto-approved by Harper on Edelweiss! I had been rejected for the longest time, then they approved me for 5 books and I've been over the moon since then! Even if they haven't approved me for any more books since then!

  3. I related to so many of these! I'm pretty addicted to checking my stats too; it's a problem, but oh well. Btw, check for a new follower. :) I haven't hosted a giveaway yet, as I've only been blogging for about 3 months, but I want to so bad for exactly the reasons you listed. :)
    My TTT!

  4. Oh. My. God. Can I live in your list? Wait, I think I already do! I have about 95% of the same confessions in my head but the one that stood out was number 8. I was just telling my blogmate that the other day, I don't feel like I'm a book blogger in the sense that others are. I mean, I read books and talk about them and do memes and such, but still, I feel outside of the book blogging community in a sense. Thanks for sharing!!

    Our TTT!

  5. I always love reading everyone's confessions, so it wasn't too long at all!

    1. Everyone around me knows I own a blog. I've even showed them my current design (when it was all shiny and new). I know they don't read it and that's how I like to keep it, but friends/family all know what I do on the internet.

    6. I get that feeling! It's not something I like to think about often, but sometimes I envy how GOOD people are in writing reviews and other posts. Just.. give me some of that review talent :p

    7. Oh yes, me too. I have the 'schedule' that I post every other day, but when I don't want to/can't I don't stress about it either. It's not like you will lose followers that easily.

    10. Me too! I browse a lot, I comment a lot and that takes far more time than writing posts for my own blog. And it's something I love to do :)


  6. Confession: I don't know what BEA is... I totally get not wanting your friends and family to know about your blog. I don't mind mine knowing since I know none of them will look at it. Most of the people I know (including my husband) hate books. They don't get it, but they don't have to! Great list!

    Here are my Confessions!

  7. I was too lazy to come up with ten blogging confessions for today, but if I did, I think quite a few of them would have matched yours!
    My sister is the only person who knows about my blog and I can't even remember how much she knows since I don't bring it up much. I definitely get nervous at the thought of someone I know in real life reading my blog with my knowledge, which is probably one of the main reasons I was a bit afraid of using my real name for a while!
    I'm so glad to see someone else who doesn't review their posts before posting! I see so many people who will just briefly mention proof-reading as part of their process and I always feel kind of bad because I do hate having to go back over and read what I've written. School definitely enabled me, and now that I'm in college and feel like I can get away with it less, I just have other people read over my papers before I finish tweaking them so that I don't have to worry about grammar and such so much.
    I think it's interesting what you're saying about being a book blog and not a book review blog - I feel like more and more people feel that way everyday and want to emphasize their love of books in all ways, not simply book reviews. I think we're all moving past the idea that a book blog HAS to review a set number of books, or really any at all, in order to be a book blog. And it seems like book reviews can often be the least-read type of post, which makes it seem like they're even less necessary!
    And sorry for the really comment - I guess it fits your really long post? :D

  8. I'm not open about my blog either. A few friends know but that's it. I mean, I like talking about it but it's not something I want to share with everyone. Even though I am really proud of it. I'm also super paranoid about people I know reading my posts. It's just weird to know that.

    And I'm the same with #3! I don't read over my posts at all so they are quite rough. But it's a skill I honed for school. I'm a HUGE procrastinator as well so reading about what you did for your essays made me smile because that's exactly what I do. I leave everything until the end so I don't have time to make multiple edits (not that I liked doing multiple drafts in the first place). Instead I kinda edit as I go along, making sure each sentence is good enough before I move on to the next.

    #5 is something I can relate to! When I first started blogging I was totally detached from the community. I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't comment on other blogs or tweet people. I've started interacting with other bloggers a lot more and while there are still times where I feel totally out of it, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in the community and it's nice!

  9. How to conquer the stats addiction? Um, maybe replace it with a different addiction? Like baking cookies? :)

    I used to do the same, never checking my writing once written- especially in high school where I got A's on it all, and a lot in college, too. But my initial drafts are written the way I speak, which means convoluted, overly long thoughts with one-word or short phrase sentences interspersed throughout. So I usually go back and trim up my posts. Unfortunately for other bloggers, I don't usually have the same filter on my comments, so they get LONG. ^^;;

    I don't really get approved for any NG/EW books, but I know what you mean about watching the review copies get buried under other books. I'll get to them! Eventually...

    Yep, jealousy. This one made it on my list, too. There are some amazing bloggers out there, and I don't want to begrudge them their success. I try to just keep thinking, you're here to talk books, not make money or get famous, so chill out. :P

    Posting limited numbers of reviews isn't a problem at all. I only post one review a week for several reasons. And we LOVE that you love hosting giveaways! ;)

    It's great that you spend so much time on others' blogs! Reading more book blogs and, especially, commenting more is one of my big blogging goals for the year.

    Thanks for the great list! (And apologies for the super long comment. ^^; )

  10. Bloggin' 'bout Books8 July 2014 at 18:18

    Does ANYBODY have a good ratio on NG and Edelweiss? Mine are terrible. Oh well, I still get approved, so I'm not too worried!

  11. I haven't told anyone but my husband about my blog, either ... I just feel like my friends (whom I love, don't get me wrong!) don't feel the same way about books like I do, or at least have completely different tastes in books.
    I like your confession list :)

  12. Great post! My bookish confession is that I judge books on their covers ;) I'm sure almost everyone does that though...just on different levels :)

  13. alibrarianslibrary8 July 2014 at 19:35

    I didn't tell anyone in my life that I started a blog. Not for a long while. In fact, I still don't know that a lot of my friends know I have a blog. But I have shared it with some. Most of the people in my life don't understand my love for books and reading, either. So I completely understand. And thank you for #8--That is actually a really encouraging perspective for me right now. So thanks!

    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library--My Bloggish Confessions!

  14. Jenny @ Reading on the Farm8 July 2014 at 21:25

    I am totally with you on #1 and #2! I don't tell anyone in real life about my blog. i don't feel comfortable with them reading it, and they don't have a love of reading like I do. Actually, my sister in law just found my blog instagram account so now I'm super paranoid that she's reading my blog. lol. Also, I don't know how not to be obsessive about blog stats either. Even if mine are tiny, lol!

  15. You really shouldn't feel that way about your content - I think your personality comes across really well and you write very well too, I think we all feel this way sometimes, and some are naturally better than others, but you're up there so whoohoo! :D I definitely need to improve my review ration on NG too, I'm sitting at around 50 with about 10 outstanding, 6 of which are overdue. Must try harder. Thankfully, I've only recently figured out how to work EW, so I'm avoiding it like the plague until I make a dent in my extensive TBR. As for #10, completely guilty!!

    My TTT