Life, Lately - Spain, Jobs and College

I thought that I'd take this opportunity to fill you guys in with what's going on in my life the past few months.

>>> As you probably know by now, I went to BEA at the end of May. I had the most amazing time! If you ever have the chance to go, then jump at it! That's basically what I did, I decided to find a roommate and book my flights around a month before. I'm so glad I did. You can check out my recap posts here.

>>>After getting back from BEA I was crazy jet-lagged, but I only had two days to recover before I flew out to Spain for my aunties wedding. The whole family stayed in the villa we had rented, and that's where the wedding was held too. The villa itself was gorgeous! We had only seen pictures on the website beforehand, but they did not do it justice at all! Walking into the villa after an hour drive from the airport was like walking into heaven! We had a few days there to relax and chill out before the wedding and it was much needed after how hectic BEA was. Sunbathing by the pool everyday while reading my newly acquired books was amazing! The wedding itself was breathtaking. I've never seen one quite so well done.

She was so gorgeous on the day! And I did her hair so I'll take full credit for that! As you can see the photographer she hired was really spectacular. I hated having to leave the villa a few days later, I already feel ready for another holiday!

>>>As some of you may have seen, last week I discussed how confused I am with life at the moment. I just don't know where to go, or what to do. I really appreciate all of the helpful comments that were left on the post. They really made me think about what I want to do, and it was great to see this all from the perspective of someone who has been there, done that. For the moment I've decided to go back to college. No matter what I end up doing in life it will be great to have a degree behind me. It's only another three years after all, and I doubt it will kill me! I don't think anyone has ever complained of having a degree behind them!

>>> I got a job! I've been applying for jobs all year, though kind of sporadically. It wasn't a top priority when I had college to worry about. But ever since the start of the summer I've been dying to get one. I love sitting around reading all day, but after a few days I really start to feel like I'm just being lazy. I have applied for tons of jobs and haven't even gotten an interview. My only other friend who doesn't have a job has had no luck either. Most of my friends that do actually have jobs, got them through knowing people, whether that was just a friend who worked there before they started or an uncle who happened to be the store manager. I didn't want to get a job this way, mostly because I had no idea who I could ask to get me a job and I wanted to get a job on my own merits. However after a few months of applying for every job I could find and getting nowhere, I gave in and asked my uncle to ask his oldest friend to get me a job. His friend has known me since I was born so was happy to get me a job. I now have a job in a major clothes and food store and I couldn't be happier!

>>>I was meant to sit my college exams in April, but due to personal reasons, was unable to sit them. Now I'm going to have to do them in August. I'm absolutely dreading it. I'm the type of person who has panic attacks just at the thought of an exam. The blog may be a bit quiet in the next few weeks. Between starting a new job and studying for exams, I doubt I'll have much time to read or blog! Say a prayer to God, or whatever you believe in, that I manage to pass! 

That's what has been happening in my life lately. What about you? Any interesting stories to tell, places you've been or big news to share? 


  1. Those wedding pictures are gorgeous! She looks very pretty :) Congrats on your job! I'm looking around to for a summer job, but it's so hard to get one, especially if you are 'older'. Good luck on your exams :) I will have my fingers crossed for you! Exams are nerve-wrecking, but you can do it!

    I have my summer vacation and I'm looking for an internship. I've sent tons of emails, but they are SO slow with replying and it's really stressful :( But I also try to not think about it too often, because I want to enjoy the free time I have at the moment. No big plans for now, but I can't wait to see what my boyfriend and me can come up with :)

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Nothing interesting has been happening so far for me ;)

  3. Ooooh, where in Spain was the wedding?? I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your stay in my country! ;)
    Congrats on the job! Staying in college is a good idea, only 3 more years and if at any point you feel like it really isn't for you, you can still quit at a later date.
    For me, life as of late feels like time is running so far and still I'm not sure how time is passing! Just going through a very rough emotional time, but hanging in there... aren't we all at some point?

  4. Ahh, man this book looks awesome. Such a high rating!

  5. Interesting discussion. I'm getting a new bookshelf later this year (they're practically spilling out of my current, smaller shelf) and I have no idea how I'm going to organise it. But what I've come up with is this: most likely I probably won't order them, not really. I'll probably just order them into the books I've read and then my TBR list or something. I'm generally not an organised sort of person aha. :)

  6. Awesome pictures& you did an awesome job on the hair, haha. Congrats on the job, too!

  7. I'm glad you loved BEA, and Spain looks beautiful! I hope to go back some day. Congrats on the job! It really is who you know, especially in this economic climate. And I'm sure you'll do fine on your exams but I'll pray for you anyway. :)

  8. Nikki @ The Paper Sea18 July 2014 at 17:35

    Oh, wow, what a beautiful bride! I love wedding photography. Great photographers always capture the magic of the big day, and I would hazard a guess that's the case here!

    Congratulations on the job! Don't feel bad about getting in through personal connections. Heck, companies hire based on that, which is why they ask if you have any relatives working for them on their applications! Also, there's this really annoying vicious circle where if you don't have experience they won't give you the job, but you can't get experience without a job! Now you've got a foot in the door, other opportunities will come up for you. :)