Friday Favourites! No. 4 + Giveaway!!

Friday Favouritess is a feature on my blog where I talk about books I love and would recommend! It won't be a weekly feature. I will post Friday Favourites sporadically. If you have any similar posts feel free to link them up in the comments so I can check them out.

This edition of Friday Favourites features a series I only discovered this year. However, it is a series I'm dying to finish! This weeks Friday Favourites is Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood!

This was a book that caught my eye with it's cover (both of them!) and synopsis, but I never got around to buying it. One day after my library re-opened I saw it and decided to give it a try. For some reason, even though I had thirty other books to read, I decided to start this one immediately and I'm so glad I did! I managed to read the whole book in one sitting! I was then so impatient to get my hands on the next in the series that I bought the next in the series, Star Cursed, for my kindle app so I wouldn't have to wait a minute longer for it. 

Ever since I devoured the first two books I've been dying to read the next in the series, Sisters' Fate. However that is where the problem begins as It's not released until August. And so goes the life of a reader, constant waiting!

For me this is really one of the series that I truly enjoyed that I feel hasn't gotten enough attention. It's such a great series that deserves to go out with a bang!

I've decided, to celebrate my love of this series, to hold a giveaway for the first and second book in the series! Some lucky winner will get to experience the joy of these books and then feel the agony of waiting right alongside me! 

If you don't win I implore you to give this series a shot! It's such a fascinating world and so well written, I'm sure more people would fall in love with it!

The giveaway is open to everywhere the Book Depository ships to. 

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  1. I think this is the only book that I love both covers! I usually do not like cover changes because the original cover tends to be better than the new cover (e.g. Across the Universe trilogy). I'm so glad you liked Born Wicked & Star Cursed! I've seen this book around but not sure whether I should pick it up. I think now I will since you loved it so much! Also, thanks for the giveaway. :-)