BEA Recap: The Haul + Giveaway!

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You've heard all about how I spent my time at BEA so now it's time for the haul! (Sorry for all the crappy photos coming your way!)

Are you as excited as I am?

Here it is......
Doesn't it look like Heaven??

I can't believe I managed to come home with so many books!! I gave away books everyday I was in New York! I gave away books I got at Blogger Con to people in line at BEA the first day. I then gave books away to my roommate and people in line the second day of BEA. I then brought even more books to the Blogger Picnic to give away! Yet I still had a carry-on suitcase packed to the brim, a stash of books in my suitcase, a few in my handbag, and then I had to be the person in the airport to stand in the middle of the terminal and open up my suitcase to put even more books in! Going over to NYC my suitcase was 18kg. Coming home, with nothing added to my suitcase except the books (plus the suitcase would have been a lot lighter since I carried my carry-on suitcase in it going over), it was 30kg!! That's not including the majority of books in my carry-on! I did not expect even half this much! 

So I'm guessing yo now want a run down of all the books I got? Well here it is! They're in no particular order. The haul includes books from Blogger Con, BEA, parties and my trip to The Strand and Books of Wonder.

Not Pictured:


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  1. That is just a big haul! I am so jealous of you in a way, and then not so jealous when I think about how hard it would have been to bring all that home. But I am envying that Raven Boys hardcover. I have it in paperback and it's not as pretty as it is in hardcover. But you went to the Strand! NYC just holds so much booksih places and I hate that I can't ever go see it.

  2. Wow, that is a ton of books! Congrats on the haul and I'm glad you had such an awesome time at BEA!

  3. Yeah it was a nightmare getting them home! Thanks!

  4. I have been dying to get a copy of The Raven Boys for so long, but didn't want to get the paperback so when I saw it in Books of Wonder I had to get it! I'm not gonna lie, it is pretty gorgeous! Why can't you go see it? Save like a mad person haha! Maybe someday you'll get to go!

  5. I hope you had an awesome time! This is a huge giveaway!

  6. (not a native speaker) I came here by typing "book buying addiction". My relationship with books had always been healthy until recently. I would buy one book at a time (2 tops) and would finish it before moving on to the next. But now I'm spending MORE time shopping for books than reading them. which is bizarre. I'm enjoying the process of buying books and looking at the titles on my Kindle than actually reading them :/

  7. I feel like such a black sheep! So many people in the blogging community are addicted to book-buying! I am *definitely* addicted to reading, but am super careful when it comes to spending too much money, so I definitely don't buy TONS of books. I tend to only buy books I *know* I'm gonna read immediately, or if I find a REALLY good deal somewhere. ($1.99 ebooks are definitely a weakness, and Half-Price Books is dangerous - too many good deals!)