BEA Recap: Blogger Con + Giveaway!

I know that this is coming in late, BEA ended nearly three weeks ago and I'm only posting my recap now! Well I have a pretty good excuse for that, I went to Spain two days after I got back from New York and I was crazy jetlagged for those two days, I basically just slept until we had to leave to go back to the airport. So hopefully you guys will forgive me for taking so long!

I'm so glad I made the decision to go to BEA this year. The few days I was there were incredible!

I arrived in New York on Tuesday quite early and made my way to our hotel, Row NYC. I had stayed here nearly three years ago and thought it was gorgeous and great value for money. Since then it has gotten a bit more expensive, but has also had renovations done which made it a hell of a lot fancier. I was staying with Nicole from Feed Your Fiction Addiction and unfortunately there was a bit of a problem with the room. Nicole had booked it but wouldn't be arriving till around eleven that night. But she was really incredible and got everything sorted while waiting for her flight!

The next day we both got up nice and early and made our way over to the Javits Centre to get our badges and go to Blogger Con. On the way we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts, now for all of you American readers you may not think this is anything special but I thought it was awesome. It's such an American institution and I've always wanted to try it (I have to admit it wasn't that good though, the coffee wasn't great and neither was the doughnut!). We then found a spot at a table near the front for the opening keynote speech from Maureen Johnson. I thought the speech was very funny and was really one of the highlights of the day.

Maureen Johnson giving the keynote and my Dunkin Donuts coffee that let me down!

From there I went to each of the panels, the first being Design 101: Creating a Picture Perfect Blog given by Ashley from Nose Graze and Jeremy West of Jeremy West Designs. I'm a huge fan of Ashley's blog and think her designs are really amazing so I made sure to listen carefully and take lots of notes. The panel, which was 101 after all, was kept to the basics of design which I found very helpful. While I won't be designing my own blog anytime soon I feel like now I'd at least now how to give it a go!

The second panel was Software 101: Best Blogging Tools. This panel was moderated by Thea of The Books Smugglers and the speakers were Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Steph from Cuddlebuggery and Becca Brennan from Mad Mimi. This panel was by far my favourite from Blogger Con. The speakers were incredibly funny and suggested so many little tips to help your blog. I'm going to be implementing them all as soon as I can!

From there it was lunch, which was incredibly tasty! This would be my one and only day to eat in the Javits food court. We were given a voucher worth $15 (I think?) and so the lunch was free, otherwise I would not have paid $15 for a burger! This was also the only day that I had any time to get lunch!

The third and fourth panels of the day were not interesting at all I'm afraid. I went to Beyond the Blog: Introduce Yourself to Vlogging and Podcasting and was incredibly bored. To be completely honest, I have no interest in vlogging or podcasting but the other panel sounded even worse, something about blogging and the law? I just wasn't interested in either and had to choose the lesser of two evils. However one of the good things about this panel, this is where I met the lovely Jess and Missy from A Midsummer Nights Read. I bumped into these lovely ladies quite a few times during BEA and loved talking to them!

The fourth panel of the day was even worse than the third. Engaging Your Readers: Take Your Writing to the Next Level was an incredibly disorganized panel that just did not live up to the description at all. It was a panle simply re-iterating the simplest of blogging ideas such as suggesting writing posts other than reviews. I'm sorry, but really? I did not need to come to this panel for you to tell me that. I have to admit I was so mad that I went to this panel instead of the other, dram filled panel!

After all of the panels there was a blogger celebration held. I went to it, expecting to perhaps get one or two books? I knew This Shattered World would be there and thought that would probably be it. I was so incredibly wrong! When I first walked in I saw a table full of ARCs and couldn't believe it! I grabbed This Shattered World and a few others and started to make my way past the table, only to see another table full of ARCs! Again, I grabbed a few and made my way out of the crush of people trying to get books only to see yet another table! We were given a tote bag when first walking in that morning and I was so glad of it now! The tote bag was filled to overflowing with books and it wasn't even the first day of BEA yet! I really couldn't believe it!

After settling down for a while with Nicole to watch the band, we decided to head back to the hotel to unload our books and make our way to the Teen Author Carnival. Unfortunately we didn't end up going as we unloaded our totes and just pretty much stared at out lovely pile of books we now had. We were both really tired and didn't feel like making our way to the Teen Author Carnival. Instead after an hour or two of just sitting around in the hotel room, we decided to make our way out to get some dinner. We ended up going to Ellen's Stardust Diner. This diner was incredible! The waitstaff are all Broadway hopefuls and sing while they're serving the food. They were all amazing singers and it was such a fun experience!

The performances were incredible!

If you're ever in NYC definitely go to this diner, it was so much fun! After that exciting dinner, Nicole and I went back to the hotel to get a good nights rest before the start of BEA the next day! I'll be posting about BEA Day 1 on Sunday so make sure to check back!


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  1. I would definitely recommend picking up this series, especially if you can get it read in time to read the final book in the trilogy, Sisters' Fate. But who knows, you might just win these copies!

  2. Leigh (Little Book Star)21 June 2014 at 08:29

    I would have been jet lagged too and would've probably made a BEA recap post after a few weeks so it's totally fine. :) I love love love Dunkin' Donuts! I actually like it better than Krispy Kreme. Also, I've read a lot of complaints about the vlogging panel thing. Despite the crowdy people and disappointing panel, I'm glad you had fun!

  3. I am so jealous of you. not only for the fact that you got to go to BEA and then to Spain as well. I am so jealous. It all sounds fantastic, and I wish I could go. Share some of the things that you remember from the panels?

    And that's nice of you to be giving away an ARC of Landline. I heard that was one of the most wanted at BEA. As much as I'm not a full-out fan of Rainbow Rowell, I'll try this giveaway anyway.


  5. The covers of Born Wicked are seriously gorgeous! I wasn't sure if the plot was for me though since I'm more of a contemporary gal but hearing you enjoyed the series and that the book is well-written makes me really excited! <3

  6. Jera Irish Sanchez27 June 2014 at 12:14

    thank you for giving us a chance. I've heard a lot of good things about this book, looking forward to reading it. :).

  7. Jayvee De Castro☔28 June 2014 at 17:58

    Landline has been something I have been looking forward to in forever! <3 Thanks Jenni! <3

  8. Jayvee De Castro☔28 June 2014 at 17:59

    Such lovely covers! I cannot with these! And I appreciate that they didn't cut off her head from the cover! That's such a trend I hate! >.<

  9. I should have tried Krispy Kreme!! I completely forgot about it. Now I totally have to go next year! The vlogging panel wasn't that bad actually. If I was actually interested in vlogging I would have found it very helpful.Maybe you're thinking about the following panel which was supposed to be about how blogging had helped the industry but somehow became about how vlogging had helped it? I heard terrible things about that one!

  10. I'll have to see if I can write a post about that later! I can't recall that much, I only went to the basic panels and wrote down what was relevant to my blog. I can share that with you if you want to email me about it? My email is in the about me page :)

    It actually was! I wasn't able to get one myself but Missy from A Midsummer Night's Read gave me her copy which was freaking fantastic!