Bout of Books Goals

Bout of Books

I've decided to take part in Bout of Books! I've been in a bit of a reading slump the past week or so and really need something to kick me back into gear! I'm also in a bit of a blogging slump in case you haven't noticed so, with a bit of luck, this will help with that too! Hopefully I manage to meet my goals!

My Goals

  • I hope to read at least five books this week. To do this I hope to dedicate at least four hours a day to reading. Whether I get distracted or not is still to be seen!
  • I hope to write at least seven blog posts, three of which must be reviews.
  • I hope to comment on at least six blogs a day. I've been reading a lot of great posts recently but haven't felt the need to comment. 
Books to Read

Have you signed up for Bout of Books? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Good luck, Jennifer.
    This is my first Bout of Books, I hope I'll manage to pull it off. :) I've decided to clear out my ARC pile a little bit, so I'm reading four books I got on NG.

  2. Writing blog posts as a goal is a great idea! After a read-a-thon I have a ton of reviews to write and it would be way easier to write them directly and not after the readathon. I think I still have reviews to write about books I read during the last one :D