How Blogging Has Ruined ARCs For Me..

I remember when I first discovered the book blogging world years ago. I thought it was absolutely amazing that people out there had blogs dedicated to nothing but books. Then I started seeing ARCs everywhere. I was unbelievably jealous. I thought it was great that these bloggers were getting ARCs, but whenever I saw they had an ARC for a book I was desperate to get my hands on, I'd be green with envy. This continued for a few years, reading blogs and enjoying it, and then wishing I had those ARCs. 

Eventually out of the blue one day I decided to hell with it, I was going to start a blog. Now it wasn't what your thinking. I didn't start a blog just to get ARCs. I started this blog because I had seen the great community built up around bloggers, and wanted to be a part of it. I had absolutely no one in my life that had any interest inn reading, so I was so excited with the idea that I'd finally have someone to gush with over my favourite book. Getting ARCs was a bit of an incentive, but not the whole reason.

I was so excited with the idea that I'd get ARCs. I joined NetGalley the very same day I created my blog and began requesting books. I was really surprised when I got accepted for a few. It's probably no surprise that these books were never that good. It was probably a hint when I was accepted with only one post on my blog and no comments or followers. I got better at requesting ARCs over time but those few books I never read, or only read a couple of pages of and hated, have dragged down my ratio completely.

Now I try to never request ARCs unless I absolutely have to, if I would be kicking myself otherwise. Luckily, my poor ratio makes a lot of my requests get denied, which I am actually glad for.

At the start of my blogging experience I was all about the free books. Now if I see an ARC available on NetGalley or Edelweiss, I'll just put it on my TBR to buy whenever I get the time. When I buy a book, I love having the freedom of knowing that I can read it whenever I want. If I wanted to leave it on my shelf for a year, or just never read it, the I have that choice when it's been taken away from me with ARCs.

Someday I'm going to manage to read and review every single book I've downloaded from NetGalley. From there I'll request books I'm dying to read and read and review them immediately. Someday I'll figure out a system for reading review books on time (I'm a serious mood reader, if I'm not in the right mood for it, there's no chance it's getting read that day). Someday I won't be a little disappointed when I'm accepted to review a book. But unfortunately today is not that day, so for the present ARCs are ruined for me.

How do you feel about ARCs? Do you love them? Do you refuse to accept them? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I was intrigued by ARC's when I first started blogging as well but now I'm over it. ARC's really aren't important and like you said: you need to read them before a certain date and I think that would be quite the challenge for me. I, too, am a mood reader and when I don't feel like picking up a book, I won't.

    I also don't read ARC reviews just because I don't know the book and I don't want to be spoiled in any kind of way. It would make me a hypocrite if I were to review an ARC while I'm not even interesting in reading such reviews.

  2. I've only been book blogging a month and I don't have much interest in ARCs. If I ever do decide to get into requesting ARCs, it's going to be before a long while. But I love reading ARC reviews and have nothing against them or anything, I am just enjoying reading what I want and reviewing that :)

  3. I think I requested a bunch from Netgalley when I first started blogging but, if memory serves, that was only for the first month. Then I just thought . . . I don't actually care. I was requesting things for the sake of it.

    I haven't requested a book in AGES (seriously, since like, September or something like that) and I haven't been desperately wanting to. I like buying books I'm REALLY excited about and reading them in my spare time.

    Of course it would be great to get that new John Green book, or whatever, months before everyone else. But, either way, I'll get it EVENTUALLY. And in the mean time there are a TON of other books that I haven't had the chance to read yet.

  4. I stopped them, toward the end they made me feel horrible but then again it was more blog tour ARCs I was signing up for to fill up my reviews (why I didn't review the books I was buying I have no idea). I only request with netgalley now when I know there is a book I've been wanting to read/ get my hands on to which i'm excited about. I'll also lookout for the publishing date to make sure I have given myself enough time to read the books that have been requested.

  5. I don't really go for ARCs right now, because I don't like the stress of having so many books to read. I just really don't.

    I don't mind getting free books, but I would like actually accepting it, and knowing that it's good. Because when it comes to ARCs, you can't really know if it's good or not because there aren't even many reviews out yet.

  6. Amber (Books of Amber)8 February 2014 at 10:29

    I still love ARCs, but I've had to put myself on an ARC ban because I really don't love the pressure that comes along with them. I love receiving a book that I'm excited for early, especially when they're sequels or books from authors that I love. But I do kind of miss the excitement of waiting for release day. The build up to the Harry Potter release days was always painful and thrilling, and I want to experience something hopefully close to that again. The closest I've come so far is with Split Second, because I have yet to read that one and it's out on Tuesday! WOO.

  7. I read this kind of thing over and over on blogs. I guess I'm one of the few who never went overboard with my requesting so I don't have this experience. Since last June I've been approved for 20 books on Netgalley and I've reviewed 17 of them, with another review to be finished in the next week. I haven't started those other two books yet. I'm not sure how many I've been declined on NG but it's probably 10 or less. I just didn't ever request too many to handle. On Edelweiss I've requested 3, been approved for (and wrote the review) one, been declined for one, and am still waiting to hear on one. I'm guessing that last one is a decline because it's been two months and the book is due out in a few weeks. I wish they would just let me know!

    My problem is that I'm often dying to read a book right away when I request it, but by the time I'm approved, I'm not. I still want to read it, but I'm in the middle of a few other books or I'm in the mood for a different type of story at the moment. I seriously consider that when I want to do a request. That doesn't mean I don't get books I don't like or can't finish, I just try not to request books unless I really, really want to read them. Anything else goes on my TBR at Goodreads and I think about it later.

    You can still leave feedback for books you didn't finish. I usually put it in the note to publisher box. I say that I was unable to finish the book and it counts as feedback for your ratio.

  8. Pretty Little Reader8 February 2014 at 16:14

    I didn't know what an ARC was when I started blogging, so they didn't play a role in my decision to start blogging at all.

    When I started requesting ARCs on NetGalley, I was just so excited to be approved, I read them all right away!

    Eventually I got bogged down by the requirement to read on a schedule, versus what I was in the mood for. So now that I'm getting back in to blogging, I'm not going to be requesting ARCs (unless I'm absolutely dying for one!) until my TBR pile is under control :)

  9. I love them. In fact, I love them too much. I need to get caught up. I haven't had too many turn out to be disappointing. I request those that really catch my interest and ignore the rest. And luckily, I'm rarely a mood reader. I read the next book in my review queue and it doesn't matter what genre it is.