How Blogging Has Made Me Vain!

In other words how all of you have made me vain!

Before I started blogging, the look of my books never bothered me in the slightest. It was quite common that I'd have a series that was made of UK paperbacks, US paperbacks, US hardbacks and the rare UK hardback. Now though, I've become a tad obsessive about everything matching. 

Seeing all of your pretty bookshelf with matching hardbacks, all the same height has made me green with envy! I now dream of the day when I can have a completely matching bookshelf! But of course that's never going to be possible, at least until I win the lotto! (here's hoping!)

Since I started started blogging, I've gone on a major book binge! This is thanks to the discovery of the book depository, of course. But I'm finding myself buying nothing but hardbacks, for the simple reason of everything matching! This usually means paying a higher price, usually around €4. It may not seem like a lot, but I've ordered around 30 hardbacks in the past 3-4 months. That €4 per book can certainly add up! 

And it comes back to blaming it all on all of you! You and your pretty bookshelves, with pretty hardbacks and gorgeous covers! 

I'd love to get back to my pre-blogging self! Before a book was a book and that was it! While I'll admit I always judged a book by its cover, I never cared about the format! Now I'm starting to dislike e-books! I've never been a huge fan of reading on my ipad or computer, it didn't really bother me if I had to do it.

Now I find myself avoiding buying e-books at all costs! I'm starting to take pride in having bookshelves just short of collapsing under the weight of my books! I never really thought too much about the books I had. I had loads before I started blogging, two bookcases worth, with most of the shelves holding double rows of books. Now I'm loving that I have that, plus a new bookcase. I'm loving it while seriously stressing out over it. There is absolutely no more room for books in my room, but there is no sign of me slowing down when it comes to buying books. 

You have all made me vain! I'm laying full responsibility at your door!

If any one has any advice on how to cure myself of this before i'm buried under a sea of pretty, matching hardbacks I'd really appreciate it! 

Does anyone else suffer the same problem? Let me know in the comments below, so we can obsess together!

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  1. I don't mind the hardback vs paperback difference on my bookshelf. I do have an obsession with just looking at my books. I rearrange my bookshelves at least once a month. I dust each shelf and make minor changes, like right now I have my MG books in their own spot and I moved the erotic Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice to my brand new fairy-tale retelling section. It's horrible how much time I spend doing this. I just got another huge bookshelf ($25 at a thrift store!) so now I have room for 50 more books...and I'm trying my best not to fill the empty space as soon as possible. My husband would never forgive me if I tell him we need yet another bookshelf!

  2. BRILLIANT post! Since I've started blogging I've also been wanting to complete a series that is incomplete in my bookshelf - with it all being in the same format too! Blogging has definitely made me want everything matching on my shelf, but here in South Africa, books are pretty expensive, so most of the time I can't buy matching hardcover/paperback books to complete the series on my bookshelf, which sucks >.<

  3. Books for a Delicate Eternity9 January 2014 at 10:11

    I definitely know what you mean! Although I have always been that way, even before blogging. I am definitely a series perfectionist - I love it when all my books are perfectly the same style and size. And when they aren't, I get all antsy about it, haha!
    Although I don't really have a hardback preference, unless I buy the first book in hardback. Hardbacks are really expensive, and I guess I just don't have enough money to be buying all my series in hardbacks. But if I REALLY love them, then I most likely will buy them in hardback, regardless of the effect it will have on my bank account, haha :P

  4. Maybe you will slowly relax your standards in your own time. :) That's kind of what happened to me! I used to only buy hardbacks and buy a TON of them, and I was obsessed with consistency. After a while, I realized I physically couldn't keep it up. I was constantly having to give away old books because I physically didn't have the room for them anymore! Eventually I became a pure ebook person because that's what makes most sense for my lifestyle. It took me a while to get there (I used to be massively anti-ebook), but I got there in my own time!

  5. My bookshelves aren't exactly 'pretty', especially when I see the shelves of other bloggers. I'd described mine more as organised, besides my unread shelf, that's a law unto itself. However, a part of my organisation is matching covers in series and same style format when it comes to another I have a growing collection of. I've always been very matchy matchy in my book choices... However, since my initial ventures in to blogging, these have become more relaxed. Odd that I have gone the opposite way.


    Bits & Bobs

  6. I don't even have a bookshelf at the moment (currently moving) but I'm quite obsessive in having my series matching. Infact the Divergent covers I have are the UK covers and the UK Paperback version of Allegiant doesn't come out until September this year, and I can't bring myself to get the hardback or even a different cover.

    I do have this weird thing of where I buy ebooks and if they're really good or have an amazing cover I'll buy a hard copy, It's definitely weird and very pricey but I find reading on my kindle a lot easier than a physical copy, but of course I like to have on show all the books I've enjoyed and loved.

    Luckily I have just found out my baby sister (baby, she's eighteen this year *shudders*) has started her own book collection and if I overflow I'll know where they'll go next :).

    Georgie @ What She Reads

  7. I didn't really care about how a series looked on my shelf before I started blogging, either. Now I have more hardback sets simply because I buy a book the minute it comes out, when it's only available in hardcover, because I follow publication schedules more closely and want to read it ASAP. Before, I would have just stumbled upon the next installment on my next trip to the bookstore, whenever that may be, and bought the cheaper version.

  8. How funny, because blogging actually turned me the other way. I'd always avoid buying different covers and now I honestly don't care about that, haha. I think it's quirky and charming. What changed me? The fact that my wish list has grown immensely, so when I find a bargain I buy those books - I don't care if they match with other editions :p

  9. Mine don't all match, but I'm okay with that :) It bugs me, but for most of them I'm not willing to spend the money. There's certain series that I will, though, if I like them enough!

  10. Oh my gosh, this was just too cute. :D That's how it felt to me, you poor suffering little thing.

    I've always been vain even before blogging. I hated mismatched formats and mismatched covers with a passion. It helps that the Philippines usually only gets the trade paperbacks.

    As for ebooks, book blogging showed me there was such a thing. And some books, I can get for free as an ebook, so it's worth it, for me, because I would never dare to try something like self-pub much. But the Christmas scored two self-pub books that I found for free! And one of them's called Breakable, and I'm putting off finishing it because my heart always feel like it's made of eggshells when I read it. Love love love. :D (That statement is so contradictory.)

    So I guess blogging hasn't really made me vain at all since I was vain to begin with!

    (I love the design of your blog, by the way. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog so I could see this.)

  11. I'm starting to feel the itch to buy hardbacks from the BD. I saw a post where they'd taken off the jackets and gosh they were pretty. Must... resist... *goes on book depository and searches out a hardback copy of Fangirl*

    ★ Under The Mountain ★