Movie Mondays: Top Ten Movies of 2013

Movie Mondays is a feature on my blog where I talk about movies and TV shows I love, hate or just feel like discussing! It won't be a weekly feature. I will post Movie Mondays sporadically. If you have any similar posts feel free to link them up in the comments so I can check them out.

For this edition of Movie Mondays I will be looking back at movies in 2013.I thought 2013 was a good year for movies, but when I began to look back to pick my top ten releases this year, there wasn't that may that I was willing to name a favourite. In the end I was able to pick ten that I enjoyed, but not all are that amazing. They were just movies that I enjoyed watching and would recommend if you haven't seen them yet!

I realised the reason that I thought that this was a great year for movies.I thought there was a lot of great films this year simply because there was two or three movies that I though were amazing! Because of this I thought I'd seen tons of great movies before I actually start trying to list them.

This list is in no particular order. If you haven't seen any of these yet, then what the hell were you thinking?!?

I LOVED this movie. I think that the people behind these movies truly understand that you don't have to cut half the book from the script to make the movie. These movies, dare I say it, are just as good as the books! It always doesn't hurt that I adore Jennifer Lawrence!

I thought this movie was quite funny, but I'm not gonna lie. My love affair with this movie is with Google as a workplace. The whole movie serves as an advertisement for working at Google. A girl can always dream!


I'm a huge sucker for action/apocalyptic movies. Basically, if Roland Emmerich is attached, I have my ticket to the cinema already! I loved how funny this movie was, alongside the awesome shoot outs and car chases! 

This movie really surprised me! It was very clever and funny. The reason it made my top ten though was the revealing of each of the magic tricks. I loved finding out how these seemingly impossible tricks were performed. I also loved the chase element to it.

Lovelace is the story of Linda Lovelace, the famous porn star. It tells of her journey from meeting her husband who got her into the porn industry, to writing her book condemning the porn industry. I loved this movie and the way it was told. It was wonderfully directed and Amanda Seyfried really showed her abilities as an actress in this role. I loved it!

While I found some parts of This Is The End completely idiotic, as a whole I thought it was a really funny movie and very enjoyable to watch. I love most of the actors in the movie! Don't go in expecting a film that is in anyway intelligent and you will definitely enjoy it!

The best looking movie of the year! Anything Baz Luhrmann touches turns into a masterpiece! I'd never read the book before, but really enjoyed the movie.

The first time I saw this movie I hated it! I couldn't believe how they had butchered one of my favourite books. I had been looking forward to seeing the movie for two years and then couldn't have been more disappointed. However I watched it again, taking it as a movie on its own and nothing to do with the book, and I enjoyed it. I thought it was a good zombie movie, though I have always hated, and will always hate, the running zombie.

I loved this movie! Another gorgeous movie that was a pleasure to watch. I loved the old-timey feel to this movie. It felt like a true gangster movie, not simply an imitation. Looking at Ryan Gosling for two hours doesn't hurt either.

So much better than the first movie! Thor: The Dark World was, probably, my favourite film this year. I absolutely loved it! And yes this is definitely mainly due to Loki! I will never get enough of Tom Hiddleston. I thought the story and the twists were amazing, and the visual effects were incredible!

Do you agree with my choices? What movies did you love this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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