Who Got You Interested in Reading?

For me, personally, this is always a question I've wanted an answer to. Who got me interested in reading?

It couldn't be my mam. you couldn't pay her to read a book. I've never once seen her read a book. She doesn't even buy me books because she is so out of the loop with my reading that she has no idea whatsoever what to get me.

It couldn't be my dad. I only saw him every second weekend while growing up, and never saw him with a book. While it's wholly possible that he reads himself, he's never gotten me a book or sat down to read with me.

It couldn't be my nanny (my mam's mother). She reads occasionally, though that's only recently. She's never bought me a book that wasn't a baking book. I've read with her in the past when I stayed over in her house as she can't go to bed without reading first, but by that time I was already a dedicated reader.

It couldn't be my aunty. She reads occasionally too, though in ever increasing amounts. I was the one who got her into reading. You have no idea how proud I was when she told me she had stayed up until four in the morning reading a book I had recommended her, even though she had to get the kids to school the next morning. Before that she had only ever read a few chapters here, and a few chapters there in a book. So, needless to say, she definitely didn't get me into reading.

It couldn't be my uncle. Another family member I have never actually seen read a book. He was one of the only people to really encourage me once he knew how interested I was in reading. For every event that required a present, he'd get me a book. Bless him, it was always either a book I had zero interest in or, in rare cases, a book I already had. But at least he tried. But again, this only began after I was already crazy into reading.

To be honest, I have no idea who, or what, got me into reading. I have no idea when I even learned to read, since it seems I was a bookworm since I knew how to read. According to my mam, I already knew how to read quite a lot before I went to school, though she has no recollection of who taught me to read since it wasn't her.

I have no clue who or what got me into reading, but I'm glad they did!

So, tell me, who or what got you so interested in reading?

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