Review: Just One Year by Gayle Forman

Just One Day. Just One Year. Just One Read.

Before you find out how their story ends, remember how it began....

When he opens his eyes, Willem doesn’t know where in the world he is—Prague or Dubrovnik or back in Amsterdam. All he knows is that he is once again alone, and that he needs to find a girl named Lulu. They shared one magical day in Paris, and something about that day—that girl—makes Willem wonder if they aren’t fated to be together. He travels all over the world, from Mexico to India, hoping to reconnect with her. But as months go by and Lulu remains elusive, Willem starts to question if the hand of fate is as strong as he’d thought. . . .

The romantic, emotional companion to Just One Day, this is a story of the choices we make and the accidents that happen—and the happiness we can find when the two intersect.

Title: Just One Year
Author: Gayle Forman
Publisher: Dutton
Source: Bought
Format: hardback
Series: Yes

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If you’ve read my review of Just One Day then you know how much I loved it. So, of course, I had unbelievably high expectations for Just One Year. At first I will admit I was disappointed and found myself reading this book just for the sake of finishing it. But as the book goes on it gets better and better. I am so glad I stuck with it!

This book is basically Willem’s version of everything that happened after he left Allyson in Just One Day. At first I found this incredibly frustrating. Every time he thought of Allyson, or Lulu as he knows her, I just wanted to shout out where she was, and how she missed him too. But eventually I figured out that I had to read it as Willem’s story and not as Willem and Allyson’s story. As much as Just One Day and Just One Year are romantic, they are far more about each of these characters journeys after meeting one another. We see just how much Allyson influenced Willem during the one day they had together.

This book is definitely a romance, though not in the traditional sense. Willem’s journey is shown after he parted ways with Allyson, so it does not have the romantic day that would label Just One Day a romance novel. However his search for Allyson was so romantic. His endeavours to find her are so sweet and show how much he wants to find her. He literally flies across oceans to find her!

I loved this book so much and found myself immersed in Willem’s story. His journey is just as beautiful and hard to tread as Allyson’s. We get too see who Willem really is and not just the man he shows to the women he encounters on his journey.

I would recommend this book to anybody who loves a sweet romance or a journey of self-discovery. While this is a companion novel, it would be necessary to read Allyson’s story, Just One Day, first.

 Have you read Just One Day and Just One Year? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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