Movie Mondays: Adaptations!

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Movie Mondays is a feature on my blog where I talk about movies and TV shows I love, hate or just feel like discussing! It won't be a weekly feature. I will post Movie Mondays sporadically. If you have any similar posts feel free to link them up in the comments so I can check them out.

On this edition of Movie Mondays I will be talking about book to movie adaptations. But not you're typical adaptations. While the Hunger Games and Harry Potter are amazing, there's not much imagination put into them apart from what the author originally put into the books.

I'm talking about book to movie adaptations that actually take a little creativity on the part of the writers. Movies that take a good book, and twist it into something totally new and fun for the movie. 

Clueless is a great example of this. Clueless is an adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen. If you've seen this movie and read the book than you know how clever this adaptation is. It sticks to the main story of Emma but set in 90's Beverly Hills. 

While I love the numerous adaptations of Emma that are true to the book, Clueless has to be my favourite simply because it's so well done. If you've never read Emma then Clueless is still an amazingly fun film.

Clueless - 90's Beverly Hills

Emma - 1800's England

There are so many amazing scenes in Clueless that could never be in a period adaptation of Emma. Clueless is just such a quotable film!

Clueless is such a fun movie. If you haven't watched it yet then shame on you! I expect you to go on Netflix and watch it immediately! 

That's it from me for this week! Any movie adaptations you love that aren't the norm? Let me know in the comments below!

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