2013 Book Shimmy Awards!


This is the first year of the Book Shimmy Awards! 

The Book Shimmy Awards were created by Epic Reads, the online presence of HarperTeen, to celebrate YA books published in 2013. I think these awards are an amazing idea, primarily because everything to do with them has, in general, been decided by readers. While I love the Goodreads awards, I feel like these awards are more true to what most readers are actually reading and loving. The categories were suggested during TeaTime, a chance for the Epic Reads team to chat with readers about books. The categories were then narrowed down by a voting system to the present categories.

Once this was done it was time to get nominating. Readers could nominate books in each of the categories as long ass they stuck to the rules (the books had to be released in 2013 except, of course, for the categories where that was impossible!). 

Now that the nominations are over, eight books in each category have been chosen! It's now the semi-finals and time to start voting!

I've already voted so I thought I'd share with you who I voted for!

Best of Shelf

This was one of my favourite books of the year and definitely my favourite of the books nominated. I love  book even more than Throne of Glass. I'm really hoping this wins!

The Pagemaster

I had to vote for Sarah J. Maas for Pagemaster! Her writing is beyond amazing, and her story is probably my favourite of all time. I'm not waiting for any book as much as I'm waiting for Sarah to write the next books in this series!

Leading Lady

I'm not a big fan of the nominees in this category, but since I had to choose one, I choose Elisa. She is such an outgoing, strong character. I really enjoyed reading about her and her adventures.

Leading Laddie

Again, I wasn't really a fan of the nominees in this category, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Hector. He is such a strong, loyal character. To be honest, I've wanted Elisa and Hector to be together since the first book!

Secondary Character Most in Need of His/Her Own Book

Who else could possibly win in this category but Sturmhond? I would actually really love to read a book about Sturmhond and his adventures. Can you imagine how fun reading that would be? Leigh Bardugo is such a talented writer that I know she'd be able to make his story marvellous!

Most Badass Hero/Heroine

Who else but Celaena Sardothien? She is the most badass lady in YA and everybody should know it!

Best Friendship

I actually didn't vote in this category. I've only read one of the books nominated, The Elite, and I don't really feel like there was that great  a friendship in it.

Couple of the Year Award

This category was so easy! I just finished Fangirl this week and loved it. I thought Levi and Cath were the most adorable, and real, couple in YA. I barely took the time to look at the other nominees before voting for this!

Fan Yourself Award

Unfortunately I either wasn't a fan of the books in this category or haven't read them yet. So I'm going to have to skip this one.

Scariest Fathomable Future

A book where the human race is on the brink of extinction? Now tell me that's not scary! This is one of my all time favourite series, I can't wait for Ruins to come out in 2014!

Is This Real Life? Award

I found this category really hard! Both Crown of Midnight and Siege and Storm were nominated! It was so hard to choose between them so I just picked at random and landed with Crown of Midnight. I'd be really happy if either this or Siege and Storm win!

World Series Champion

For this category I chose The Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson. Unfortunately it was the only book in the category I would even consider. I would have loved a bit more variation.

The Cheese Stands Alone Award

This was another super easy one to choose. By far the best stand alone novel I've read this year, if not ever! Can you tell how much I loved Fangirl yet?!?

New Kid on the Block Award

Unfortunately I haven't read any of the books in this category, but I'm currently reading Splintered and really enjoying it so I voted for A. G. Howard

If You Don't Give Me This Book Right Now I Will Cut Someone Award

Unfortunately I didn't feel there was much choice in this category.  There are a few books nominated that I am excited to read, but nothing I'm absolutely dying to read. Out of the books nominated, I'm most looking forward to reading Cress by Marissa Meyer.

Most Emotionally Crippling Ending

This ending nearly killed me! I ran to my computer to order Just One Year as soon as I finished it. I can't really say much else except read this book immediately!

The Feels Award

This book gave me so many feels! I was a mess by the end. I just love how Allyson found herself amidst everything!

The Hangover Award

This was another category that was really difficult to choose from! But in the end I knew I had to choose Siege and Storm. I have never in my life wanted the next book in a series as much as I want Ruin and Rising. I had such a hangover from this book I couldn't read for a day or two afterwards cause I couldn't stop thinking about it! 

Best Book Fandom

There never will be another fandom quite as good as the Harry Potter fandom. There still going strong years after the books and movies have ended!

Best YA-Adapted Movie or TV Show 

This one was a little bit of a cheat. I haven't yet seen Catching Fire but I know it's just going to be amazing! I'm seeing it this week, so I'll definitely know what I'm voting for by the final round!

That's it from me! Have you voted in the Book Shimmy Awards yet? If not go do it now! What did you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments!

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