Top Ten Tuesday: Best Series Enders

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"Top Ten Tuesday" is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Every week a new topic is selected in advance and participating bloggers must make a list in regards to the topic!

I will admit I was a bit daunted this week when thinking about putting this list together. I couldn't think of more than five or six series that I had finished, and only one or two that had good series enders. So I thought the best thing to do would be to go through my Goodreads read list and write down every series I had finished and just see how many I had. I went through it and was very surprised! I have finished thirty series. Unfortunately I'm still in the middle of many, whether I'm waiting  on books to be published or waiting to buy the next book that is available.
Anyway it was not easy winnowing those thirty books down to ten! Eventually I managed to do it and this is the final list!

In no particular order:

1.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J K Rowling -  How could I possibly make this list without including the last Harry Potter book? If you haven't read this yet, then it really is time to stat the series. You're long overdue!

2.Kushiel's Avatar by Jacqueline Carey - The third book in Kushiel's Legacy series. One of the best trilogies I have ever read! Amazing adventure story, with a perfect ending. It doesn't get any better than this!

3. Lord Sunday by Garth Nix - At first I wasn't a huge fan of this series. I read the frst book in this series and enjoyed it. My mother got me the second book for Christmas and I just couldn't get into it. Eventually I read it just because she gave it to me and then I coulnd't wait to get ty hands on the rest of them! I had to wait for the last two books in this seven book series unfortunately. I loved reading these and the ending was brilliant! I would definitely recommend reading these as an introduction to the marvelous Garth Nix.

4. Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock - Another one of my favourite series! I'm not a huge fan of contemporary, usually I read it if I'm in the mood for what I call a light, fluffy read. But this series is amazing! Each book in this trilogy improves on the last.

5. Light by Michael Grant - Anybody who has read this series will know just how good it is. The ending fit the series perfectly! I will admit I was terrified it would all just end too easily for them but the last book in the series was pure perfection!

6. The High Lord by Trudi Canavan - If you know me, then you know just how crazy I am about Trudi Canavans' The Black Magician trilogy. These books are so good, and each book is better than the last. The High Lord is a book I've more times than I care to admit, yet I never get tired of it. Go out and read this series now!

7. Hell's Heroes by Darren Shan - I was a bit hesitant at first to start this series. I've never enjoyed reading horror novels but I had read Darren Shan's previous series and loved it so decided to take a chance on this. This ten book series is amazing! I had no idea how he was going to end it, it seemed the type of story that could go on forever, but end it he did. He did it remarkably well!

8. Lioness Rampant by Tamora Pierce - I've always loved this series due to the strength of the characters and while the final book was not my favourite in the quartet , it was still fantastic.

9. Kushiel's Mercy by Jacqueline Carey - As you can see from above the two books on this list, I love Jacqueline Carey's writing style. Her books are magnificent with the last books in each of the series being my favourite.

10. The Legacy by Gemma Malley - This series is an absolute must read for everyone! A new drug makes it so you live forever and so of course, there is soon no room for any more people so having children is illegal. This series is the story of some of the children born, but it is so much more than that! An absolutely fabulous read!

That's it from me! What are your top ten best series enders? Or your worst? Let me know in  the comments below.

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