Have you managed to crack NetGalley?

So this week for my discussion post I will be talking about the blogger god that is Netgalley. You might disagree with me about the god thing, but just think about. Think about all the books you have managed to read early due to Netgalley. Think about all the amazing books you heard about through Netgalley. For me Netgalley is truly amazing. Especially as an international blogger. To be able to get a galley of a book when it would be impossible for the publisher to send you the ARC is pretty amazing!

So from what I've gathered, the majority of bloggers use Netgalley. In fact I have yet to come across a single blogger that doesn't. Now my question for all those who use it is have you cracked it yet? Because I certainly haven't!

I can never guess whether a request will be granted or not. From what I can see from using it so far, I have bout a fifty-fifty chance of getting approved. I doubt I'll ever actually figure out why I get approved or declined. I don't have any theories at all on this to be honest. So far it seems to be completely random.

I recently got approved for a certain book that was in high demand from a certain publisher. I requested it on the off chance without feeling any hope of getting it. I had been declined for every book I had requested from this publisher so far. I understood why though. The publisher required a blogger to have 600+ followers and be blogging for at least six months. When I was approved for this book I had been blogging for two and a half weeks with a total of 28 followers on Bloglovin. I was nowhere near the required stats, yet I was approved. I truly still can't explain this. 

One of the main things publishers seem to look for on Netgalley is how long a blogger has been blogging. The usual time required seems to be six months. As of right now I have been blogging for nearly seven weeks. Yet I have heard of bloggers active for much longer than me be denied books I was given access to. Where is the logic in that? How long a person has been blogging seems to have no actual affect on a publishers decision. In my first month of blogging I was denied many titles, but I was approved for just as many. If someone could somehow explain that to me, it would be great!

Another aspect of Netgalley that confounds me is the ratio. I've heard so many things about the ratio. Apparently it is very important to have a high ratio, preferably above the recommended 80%. Now, for the sake of honesty, I'll let you know just how bad my ratio is. Right now it is 22.2%. The last time I requested a book it was somewhere around 17%. Yet I'm still getting access to books I would consider highly anticipated. My ration is so bad because a lot of the books I have been approved for are not out until 2014 and so I have no review link for them yet. A few I just haven't gotten around to reading. But it really doesn't seem to matter. It has had no affect on my approvals so far. Have you experienced something different? 

I truly don't think I'll ever figure out how the publishers decide, but it doesn't stop my curiosity. Has your experience of Netgalley been similar? Let me know in the comments below!

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