Dystopian Novels: Just a trend?

I recently read this article and it got me thinking. Are dystopias just a trend? Are they a trend on their way out just like vampires and werewolves? I've been reading a long time and I've also been using the internet as my main source to find new books for a long time, whether on Goodreads or just by following blogs. So I've seen the vampire trend come and go. I was a part of this trend. Once upon a time I considered Twilight the best book ever written. As I grew up and began to read other vampire novels I realised how badly written it really was. But it did lead me into the genre. For months, if not years, I was an avid reader of vampire and werewolf fiction, just like I'm sure many YA readers at the time were. But eventually I started to tire of the genre. I noticed that I was not the only one. The genre was overflowing with books, the well written ones buried under the mountains of books written simply for the popularity of the subject at the time.

Eventually readers got bored of the repetitiveness of these books and moved onto newer genres. Publishers of course followed suit. No point in producing books for a non-existent audience, right?

After reading the article I began to think that perhaps dystopia was going the same way? Yes there is an overabundance of novels and series in this genre. Yes there are a majority of terribly written ones that overpower those that have a new take and a fresh voice. But from what I can see dystopia is as strong as ever. It seems like this time around publishers are trying to get ahead of the game and anticipate what book genres have finished their moment in the spotlight before the readers force them to another genre. In my opinion this is a mistake. From what I can say personally and from what I have seen around the blogosphere, dystopia is still quite popular. By stating their reluctance to publish a new dystopia book, the publishers are missing out on a key area of the market that is already built in. There are many bloggers who enjoy reading dystopia quite frequently, myself included, and for publishers to want to stop catering to this group and create a new group obsessed with the next big genre, is foolhardy in the utmost.

I understand that they are simply trying to get ahead of readers and anticipate what we want next but they are doing it far too soon.

Before I go I just wanted to provide you with some dystopia books I love and hope you will enjoy! The books are in no particular order. Some would be considered more dystopian than others and some are better written than others. All are books or series that I enjoyed immensely and I hope you will too!

What do you think? Do you still enjoy reading  dystopia? Or are you over it and ready to pick a new favourite genre? Let me know in the comments below.

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