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Okay, so I need every body's help with something! I'm finally getting a new bookshelf, and I'm trying to decide how to organise it. I have two already, trusty Billy bookcases from Ikea. I'm getting a much needed new one this weekend and I can't wait to put my overflow of books on it. At the moment the overflow is currently on piles on the floor and on top, as well as on front of, books that have been organised. 

At the moment I have my books organised in alphabetical order by the authors second name. I find this quite easy to use as it makes everything easy to find. However, as vain as I am, it's not very pretty. The books are all completely different sizes and it's going to be so hard to re-organise once I add in my new bookshelf. 

The books that are not in order are the books that I have bought since I last organised my shelves and the books that just didn't fit when I was organising them.  So I'm going to be constantly moving books around to add them in. God help me if the authors last name starts with an A. Every shelf will have to be moved down and this will take hours with the number of books I need to put on the shelves. 

So I'm going to ask you guys how you organise your bookshelves. Do you orgaise them alphabetically? By genre? Or just whatever way they look best? Let me know in the comments below so I can have some much needed inspiration! 

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