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For this week's discussion I'll be talking about commenting and commenting back. How we use it and what the advantages are in this. For me I never leave a comment on a blog simply to get more traffic to my own blog. I only comment if I feel I genuinely have something to say, even if it's just mentioning how much I love the particular book the blogger is talking about. I hope the blogger will reply and maybe check out my blog, but I never comment with this in mind. I sometimes leave a link to my blog, but only so a blogger might check out my blog if they agree with what I said or found it interesting. 

Personally I dislike it when people leave a comment on my blog and end it with "here's my WOW/Sunday Post". 

I feel like the sole reason that person commented was so I would comment back on their blog. I always end up checking out their blogs and try to leave a comment, but it always tends to be something generic like "great pick!" or "so jealous of your haul!".

I hate writing those comments! It never actually has much meaning if I feel like I'm being forced to comment.I understand why people do this. It can be hard to bring people to your blog, so getting them there any way you can seems like a great idea. But personally it kinda just pisses me off. 

I would much prefer it if you simply left a link to your blog somewhere in the comment. I know this probably isn't much different, but for me it's much less " here's my post, now go check it out!!". I feel like I could return the commenting love on a post you've made that I actually find interesting, and have something to genuinely say about it.

I do understand the power that commenting has. It is how you can make friends from blogging, by sharing your thoughts through each others posts. It can also, of course, lead to a lot of traffic if the blog you commented on believes in commenting back on your blog. It can lead to all sorts of things, and that's why comments are so great, completely ignoring the joy a blogger feels when someone actually has something to say about what they've posted. 

So do you comment on blogs with the sole purpose of receiving comments in return? Or are you a blogger who hates this like I do? Let me know in the comments below! 

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