Discussion: Greedy for Books

I'm the worst when it comes to ordering books. I always have a pile of books waiting to be read and yet I never hesitate in going onto Amazon and ordering a few more. I never go too far as many times, the shipping has cost more than the book and while I do read ebooks I much prefer holding a book in my hand. I've always been more likely to finish a physical copy of a book than an ebook. So I can say honestly say I don't think I've ever gone too far when it comes to buying books.

But today I'm being bad. I've heard of the Book Depository before but never actually used it or even looked at the website. Today I finally did out of curiosity and my eyes were immediately drawn to those magical words. Free Shipping

Could this be true? Free shipping to Ireland? Wow was I gonna have some fun!

And now at this moment I have seven books sitting in my basket waiting for me to press order. Of course I don't need seven more books right now. I have a pile of books waiting to be read currently stacked beside my bookshelves. I have an iPad full with ebooks that I need to get around to reading and I have a list on NetGalley that need to be read ASAP to be reviewed in time for publishing. And yet here I am about to order seven more books, admittedly seven books that I really want to read. But when will I find the time?!?

Between the hours and hours I will be spending in lectures this year, the studying and assignments, going out with friends, blogging and reading my too-large pile of books, I simply don't have the time to read even more books.

But let's be honest that's not going to stop me from ordering these books. And this is where my Book Greed comes in. If I want it, no matter how many other things I have to do, I'll have to order it. So now my pile is growing even more! I seriously need help with this!

Tell me in the comments below, do you suffer from book greed? If there's a book you want can you keep yourself from buying it even if you already have a huge TBR pile?

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